Dow Jones Shocking Prediction Forecast for 2012

There is a shocking Dow Jones predictions for 2012: (sources: internet news websites):
Analyst Goldman Sachs predicts a major military developments in late 2012 and urges its clients to dump shares.
Last year Fox Business Channel for the first time publicly announced planned for the end of 2012 the great war. A former senior analyst and forecaster of the most influential financial services company Goldman Sachs, said a leading dumbfounded that his clients should begin to dump securities, as the military events of late 2012 would entail a major meltdown of financial markets. Anviktori published translation of the article Paul Watson, editor of this information megabombe, fell in a studio FoxBusiness network.
Massive conflict will cause the collapse of the securities market, strategic analyst forecasts Nenner. Yesterday, when the forecaster Charles Nenner told Fox TV (Fox Business network) about what the Dow Jones (Dow Jones) come down to the level of 5.000 because of major military events that shake the world in late 2012, Fox TV hosts David and Elizabeth MacDonald, Esma froze in shock.

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Nenner, former technical analyst at Goldman Sachs who now heads a “Center for Research Charles Nennera,” which predicts market trends by using computer programs to predict behaviors and analysis of securities. Nenner predicted the collapse of the real estate market and the securities market for more than two years ago, even before the collapse of Lehman Brothers (Lehman Brothers). Now Nenner predicts that the Dow will jump down to 5,000 – a huge jump, considering that at present he is at a level above 12,000 and the fact that the index fell to the lowest point of only 6.547 during the economic collapse in March 2009. In connection with this outlook Nenner Recommend to its customers almost completely out of the stock market. “I advise my clients, pension funds and hedge funds almost entirely out of the market” – said Nenner, arguing that the collapse will unfold over several months with the return point of reference, when the Dow reaches 13,000.

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